Adventure Racing is made for those that love the outdoors. Races include navigation (map and compass only), kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking and trail running as the norm. Competitions last from hours to days. These are the most difficult of races because they require being talented in multiple sports and skills. The event may be set up for individuals or teams. Expect to being given a map at start time. Then shoot your coordinates (via compass) to find your way through wooded terrain onto predetermined checkpoints. Expect to navigate, hike, kayak, mountain bike and even traverse military type obstacles ALL IN ONE EVENT !!
Genesis Adventures – Genesis means “new beginning”. Today, the spirit and purpose of Genesis Adventures is to give people new experiences and to challenge themselves. Every event is a new start and the beginning of a great adventure for every participant. Read More
IditaSport – Human Powered Ultramarathon – Welcome to Alaska’s historic human-powered adventure ultra! Our ski, bike & run event Is the original winter adventure race. Read More
Odyssey Adventure Race – Escape from the ordinary and experience Odyssey Adventure Racing’s bold and daring endurance competitions. Read More
Primal Quest Expedition – Primal Quest continues to produce the most prestigious and arduous team challenge. It’s a brutal combination of ultra endurance sports combined with mental and emotional fatigue, in a trial of human powered adventure. Read More
Raid International – The race will feature these sports: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Canoe, Ropes (zip -line, rappels, rope bridge etc.) and some surprises! Read More
US Adventure Racing Association – The sport of Adventure Racing is sweeping the nation at a phenomenal rate. The new challenges presented to adventure racers have caused the sport to grow by leaps and bounds daily in popularity. Adventure Racing offers an easy crossover for cyclist, runners and water sport enthusiasts just to mention a few. Read More