Triathlons – Tris are traditionally three events comprised of a swim, a cycle route and a run as the finale. The distances may vary depending on course logistics and the type of competitors you are looking for at a particular event. Urban tris may be a quarter mile swim followed by a 10 mile cycle and a 3 mile run. On the extreme end the swim may be 2 miles, the cycle run 100 plus miles and a traditional 26.2 mile marathon for the run section. These type of events require considerable athletic ability no matter the distance. Read more on Triathlons and check out 220 Triathlon Magazine, a great resource of training techniques, race schedules and top of the line gear.
A Must ReadRaymond Britt’s – offers free advice for marathoners and triathletes: just about everything you need to know about training for and racing great marathons and Ironman triathlons, from Boston to Kona, and beyond.

Castle Triathlon Series – The Castle Triathlon Series has swiftly established itself as the UK’s largest triathlon series. With 7,000 entrants expected at our Hever Castle event in September this year it is not just the second biggest race in the UK triathlon calendar but it also secured the title of the world’s largest children’s triathlon. From Lough Cutra to Chantilly and Castles Howard, Cholmondeley and Hever, we’re  immensely proud of the iconic backdrops to each Castle Triathlon Series race and the friendly festival atmosphere produced at every event. Read More


CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Make no mistake – when we say this race is extreme we mean it. Read the race information carefully before entering as you may have to endure cold water, strong winds, driving rain and difficult conditions on the mountain with low visibility. Read More


Fort Lauderdale Marathon – Our Marathon course features 26.2 miles of signature South Florida beauty, loaded with miles of unobstructed ocean views. The fast, flat course is ideal for those looking to achieve Boston qualifying times. If you’re searching for the ideal winter destination running event, then look no further! Run Fort Lauderdale….Where the Ocean is Your Finish Line!! Read More


Immortal Sport Triathlon – The Immortal Full. Following on from the hugely successful Immortal Half at Stourhead, we are very excited to announce the Immortal Full Distance Triathlon. The event will be held at Farmoor Reservoir in Oxfordshire. The Thames Water Reservoir offers a fantastic swim venue. The Bike course, 4 laps through beautiful country roads, represents a fantastic opportunity for a PB; it is predominately flat, with 2 small climbs but overall very, very fast. The run route again is predominantly flat, and 5 laps on the paths around the Reservoir. We have worked hard to create a Full Distance Triathlon event which will challenge athletes and provide a great spectator experience. Read More


Ironman – Every individual who dares to tackle 140.6 or 70.3 miles has a motivation and a source of inspiration that stirs them into action. These reasons are as diverse as IRONMAN athletes themselves: whether racing to honor the memory of a loved-one lost; to battle a demon such as addiction; to bring awareness to a noble cause; or to simply achieve a seemingly impossible athletic goal, IRONMAN triathletes are mobilized by the idea that Anything is Possible. Read More


ISOMAN Triathlon Evolved – Most triathlon events are biased mainly towards the cycling and to a slightly lesser extent towards the running. Iron distance pros for example will spend only 10% of the total time swimming, 54% of the time cycling and 36% of the time running. The aim of Isoman is to address this imbalance and create a triathlon for which all disciplines demand an equal level of excellence. Read More


London Triathlon – The London Triathlon is the world’s largest triathlon attracting over 13,000 triathletes of all ages and abilities. The London Triathlon caters for triathletes of all abilities with a wide variety of distances including; Super Sprint, Sprint, Olympic, Olympic Plus (a unique distance only available at London Triathlon) and Team Relay. With its exciting course, and over 30,000 spectators cheering you on, the London Triathlon is like no other event you will compete in. Read More


Norseman Triathlon – Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon is considered the ultimate triathlon on the planet, and the race that any hard core triathlete should do at least once. The course runs point-to-point – or fjord to peak: Starting at sea level, with a 4 meter drop off a ferry into the Hardangerfjord, crossing the starkly haunting Hardangervidda mountain plateau, finishing at the rocky peak of Gaustatoppen, at 1,850m above  sea level and 220km away, Norseman is a long day’s journey through some of Norway’s most spectacular scenery. The total ascent is 5,000 meters. The water is cold, clean, and comes lightly salted. The weather can be anything from brilliantly beautiful to blasting blizzard. If you’re really lucky, you may see porpoises, orcas or reindeer – or, more likely, baffled locals who think you are nuts, but will cheer you on anyway. Read More


Outlaw Triathlon – Welcome to Outlaw, Nottingham’s Outlaw Triathlon, which is fast becoming (almost) even more legendary than Robin Hood, the Major Oak and Brian Clough! Those who have conquered the Outlaw Triathlon in previous years are remembered in local folklore having outwitted the Sheriff to complete a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run. And many of those who have watched it have been inspired to take up the challenge themselves. Read More


Slateman Triathlon – Llanberis, Wales. A swim ringed with mountains, a bike course in the heart of Snowdonia National Park and a run through a disused slate quarry – we challenge you to find a more iconic race than the Slateman Triathlon. The race offers a unique mix of incredible scenery, an awesome challenge and a carnival atmosphere that makes all feel welcome. Read More


TriFind – The World’s Largest Triathlon Calendar – This is a great resource to find a triathlon in your area. Read More

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