Ultra Marathons are Just That! – Expect to run from 50 to 100 miles and perhaps even more. In one race !! Training starts with slow jogs for months to build stamina. Your diet must be consistent to maintain a day to day energy level. They key point is to rack up as many miles as possible per week (at a slow pace) in all types of weather. Acclimation to all sorts of discomfort is the norm. Remember these races are won on pure endurance. Fast times are not necessarily a priority.

Ultra Running Magazine – The definitive source for all things ultra!. Articles include ultrarunning success stories, trail running, marathons, life style balance, nutritional superfoods, and gear. Some of the best “superfoods” by the way are sweet patatoes, tart cherries, and beets to mention a few. There are color articles and a comprehensive list of upcoming events. Read More


100 Meilen Berlin – The Wall Trail is a mainly paved cycling and walking path. Till the Fall of the Wall this path was patrolled by the GDR Border Troops. The Wall itself is hardly found anywhere, only single remains are left … Read More


Chicago Lakefront 50K – Ultra Marathons on Chicago’s Lakefront. Read More


BADWATER – The World’s Toughest Brand and the World’s Toughest Races. As a brand, BADWATER represents digging deep and going farther; it is the lifestyle brand for all who push their limits. Read More


The Canyons Endurance Runs – The Canyons Endurance Runs bring you back to where it all started: the Birthplace of Mountain Ultras. Read More


Javelina Jundred – The 100 mile course is comprised of six full loops on the 15.3 mile Pemberton Trail and a half loop on the Pemberton and Tonto Tank Trails. Trails feature rolling single track through the Sonoran Desert. Run past giant Saguaro Cactus, granite boulders and dry wash-beds as you tour the most popular trail of McDowell Mountain Regional Park. 100 kilometer runners will compete four full loops of the Pemberton Trail. Read More


Keys 100 Ultramarathons – RACE ACROSS THE ISLANDS OF THE FLORIDA KEYS! This Southernmost part of the United States is a chain of unique and inter-connected islands that ends in the City of Key West, just 90 miles from Cuba. The Florida Keys, known locally as “The Conch Republic”, is a spectacular and laid-back sub-tropical paradise, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay/Gulf of Mexico. Read More


Oil Creek 100 – Unforgiving. Historic. Gnarly. Do you have what it takes? Read More


River Of No Return Endurance Runs – You asked for it: less dirt road, more single track…Roger that. The CO$T = Big Views, Bigger Climbs, and your head will crest 10,000 ft if you are over 6 feet tall. Read More


Santa Barbara 100 Endurance Run – 100 mile and 100K distances. Read More


Stone Steps 50K – Cincinnati’s Toughest Ultramarathon. Stone Steps 50k is held in Mt. Airy Forest, a gem of a park just a couple miles from beautiful downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Read More


Tussey Mountainback Ultramarathon – 50 mile relay and ultramarathon. Central Pennsylvania. Read More