Best Mud Runs

Mud and obstacle races also known as mud runs. The obstacle course race format is based on a typical military style based training regimen. Listed below are the best of class including Spartan and BoneFrog Series. These types of races require good cardio and upper body strength on top of a strong will to deal with the often nasty environments you are required to traverse during a race. Expect to climb walls, crawl under barbed wire, wade waist high in mud pits, rope climbs both vertical and horizontal. Expect multiple obstacles and traversing rough trails. It is a blast !! Best training is running, weights and cross-fit. Distance is everything from 3k to 10k plus miles in length. A winning combo is a composed state of mind and overall good health.
Spartan Race – THE WORLD’S BEST OBSTACLE RACES – Achieve More Than You Thought Possible. With over 200 events in 42 countries, there’s a race for every age or ability. From the world’s most elite athletes to the novice adventure seeker, if you commit, we’ll change your life. No excuses! Read More
Bonefrog – BONEFROG IS THE WORLDS ONLY NAVY SEAL OBSTACLE COURSE RACE. BONEFROG is truly a unique experience. With 50 Navy SEAL-style obstacles on courses that range from 3-11 miles, the course will test everyone and leave no one unscathed. We attempt to place an obstacle approximately every quarter mile (when venues permit), so your running ability alone will not carry the day. Read More
Dead End Race – The toughest race in Canada! Are you ready for the challenge? 12KM Apocalypse with 60+ Obstacles. THE APOCALYPSE WAS DESIGNED TO TEST YOUR LIMITS. Read More
Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race Series – WE’RE MORE THAN JUST A MUD RUN. Before and after you tackle the course, you’ll get to party with thousands of other Maniacs in our day-long festival where you can ride mechanical bulls, challenge friends to pie-eating and stein hoisting contests, and dance your butt off to the DJ on the main stage. Read More
Savage Race – READY TO CREATE A LIFELONG MEMORY? It’s more than just a race. It’s about setting personal goals and smashing them. It’s about pushing your limits to defeat the world’s best obstacles. It’s about teamwork and friendship. Read More
Tough Mudder – Welcome to the Biggest, Baddest, Most Epic obstacle course in the industry. Tough Mudder isn’t a race or based on results, it’s about showing yourself what more you are capable of. Read More
Ventures Endurance – Rugged Maniac, Road Races, Cycling. Read More
Popular Mud Run Races – Links Reviewed March 2023:
Bone Frog Challenge
Gladiator Rock N’ Run
Mud Factor
Mud Hero
Rat Race
Rugged Maniac
Savage Race
Spartan Race
Terrain Racing
Tough Mudder
Mud runs are more than just a race. They are life style game changers. As Joe De Sena of Spartan fame would say (paraphrase) people have to get out of their comfort zone and train. The training is more for endurance than raw strength. Mud runs are derived from military training with the emphasis on the state of mind. Getting healthy from the exercise is a residual benefit. Over a short time you will see the benefits of having the ability to overcome extreme difficulty when you are tired and feel defeated. Your fiercest competitor is YOU! Most events are organized as team competition where you have to work with others. Just like every day life at home and work. Mud runs are team builders that improve character, state of mind and your physical health. Try a mud run !
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