Popular Mud Run Races

Mud Run Obstacle Course Races – Originally derived from military boot camp protocol to get troops in shape. These races have been enhanced to include the mentality of special forces where the state of mind matters just as much as the physical condition of the individual. These races are often used by individuals to maintain a lifestyle of staying healthy and for individuals that are transitional going from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. Preparation for “obstacle course races” starts with moderate cardio. Preferably slow jogs to lose weight and gain muscle followed up by weight type training or “crossfit”. You can even take the whole philosophy to a higher level by working on one’s state of mind by way of improved time management, recognizing your environment as a “Henry David Thoreau” and taking on the attitude of special forces of “getting over being a sugar cookie” or “getting out of your comfort zone” to loosely paraphrase Joe Desena of Spartan Race fame. Read his book “Spartan Up”. These races are often done as teams thereby enhancing social interaction as well. If you are new to the concept it is well worth your time just to try one race. We guarantee you will be hooked !!
Popular Mud Run Obstacle Course Races:
ABF Mud Run
Badass Dash
Bone Frog Challenge
Civilian Military Combine
Dead End Race
Dirty Girl Mud Run
Gladiator Rock N’ Run
Mud Factor
Mud Hero
Mud Ninja
Rat Race
Survival of the Fittest
Rugged Maniac
Savage Race
Shale Hill Races
Spartan Race
Terrain Racing (Terrain Mud Run)
Tough Guy
Tough Mudder
The Viking Challenge
Warrior Dash