Mount Everest Ultimate Climb Guide

Climbing Mount Everest has been a fascination since the 1850s. It is the highest mountain peak in the world at 29,031 feet. The British wanted this to be the “Third Pole” ( See – The Third Pole )  after other nations discovered the North and South Poles before them. The endeavor was mostly for prestige. But there was more to their efforts than just climbing the mountain “because it is there”. They also embarked on (cartographic) surveying this part of the world that was never surveyed. They also collected reams of scientific data on local geology as well as plant and animal types. We took the time to aggregate the most relevant information regarding climbing, alpinism, mountaineering, trekking, and via ferrata, that relates to Mount Everest with a focus on Mallory and Irvine. But at the same time, included all the relevant information needed to embark on an expedition in the 2020’s – One hundred years after the first attempts to climb Mount Everest. The Best Mount Everest Ultimate Climb Guide.

Mount Everest Facts and Fascinations:

The height of Mount Everest is 29,031 feet high – Read More

How did Mount Everest get its name – Read More

Tibetan name for Everest is Qomolangma – Read More

Mount Everest via Google Earth – See More

Sherpas are a Nepalese Ethnic Group – Read More

Sherpa vs sherpa – Job roles – Read More

George Mallory and Andrew (Sandy) Irvine in 1924 were the first to attempt to climb Mount Everest – Read More

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953 were the first to succeed in climbing Mount Everest – Read More

BBC report on 1924 mountaineering clothing, consisting of silk, cotton and wool, gabardine – Read More

Burberry gabardine windproof climbing suits – Read More

Mountaineering boots early 20th century – Read More

Rope technology in the 19th century – Read More

George Mallory Mountaineer – Read More

George Mallory attended Magdalene College – Read More

Sandy Irvine Mountaineer – Read More

Sandy Irvine Image from Merton College – Read More

Sandy Irvine archives are at Merton College – Read More

Images of Mallory and Irvine expedition – Read More

Altitude acclimatization – The effects … – Read More

The 1922 British Mount Everest Expedition – Read More

British Mountaineering Council – The Summit

Mount Everest Ultimate Climb Guide - Facts and Fascinations - From George Mallory and Andrew (Sandy) Irvine in 1924 to modern day mountain climbing.
Members of the 1921 Mount Everest Reconnaissance Expedition
Standing LR: Wollaston, Howard-Bury, Heron, Raeburn.
Sitting LR: Mallory, Wheeler, Bullock, Morshead

Climbalaya – The Mountain Experience. Climbalaya specialises in providing every level of required logistical support for mountaineering expeditions, peak climbing and treks in the Himalaya. Read More
Himalayan Database – The Himalayan Database is a compilation of records for all expeditions that have climbed in the Nepal Himalaya. The database is based on the expedition archives of Elizabeth Hawley, a longtime journalist based in Kathmandu, and it is supplemented by information gathered from books, alpine journals and correspondence with Himalayan climbers. Read More
The Himalayan Times – Nepal’s No.1 English Daily. Out of Kathmandu, the latest breaking news. Read More
Errata – Mountaineering – Alpine – Climbing:
Rock Climbing Terms – Must Read More
Conrad Anker – American rock climber –
Summit Mountaineering Coach –
The Alpine Club – The first mountaineering club – Read More
American Alpine Institute – Read More
Planet Mountain – Climbing, mountaineering – Read More
Mount Everest Centenary Exhibition – Read More
Via Ferrata – Employing steel cables – Read More
How Climbing Mount Everest Works – Read More

Weather on Mount Everest:
Mt. Everest Weather Forecasting – Read More
Nat Geo – Everest Weather Station Network – Read More
Mount Everest Weather Forecast, Nepal – Read More
Mount Everest is in the Jet Stream – Read More
NOAA SciJinks -Jet streams – Read More
Professional Himalayan Mountain Guides:
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Oxygen Equipment for Climbers:
Poisk Oxygen – Equipment for climbers – Read More
Summit Oxygen – Pulse demand valves – Read More
Drones on Mount Everest:
“Nat Geo Surveyed Mt. Everest With a Drone” – Read More
“Missing Climber Found by Drone” – Read More
“Fly a Drone on Mount Everest” – Read More
Commercial drone technology – Drones by DJI
Mountain Climbing Books “How To”:
The Complete Descent Manual
Climbing Bible
Rock Warrior
Mount Everest Expedition Equipment List:
Source from the University of Montana – Read More
Alpenglow Expeditions – Download
Mountaineering – Rock Climbing Gear
Classic Mountain Sunglasses
Mountaineering Boots
Climbing Carabiner
Figure 8 Descender
Climbing Rope
Climbing Harness
Grappling Hook
Hand Ascender
Climbing Gloves
Belay Device
Expansion Bolt Piton
Piton Hammer
Ice Axes
Bask Goose Down Jacket
North Face Himalayan Suit
Tents for Everest:
The North Face – Summit Series VE 25 Tent – Read More
Tent by North Face model “Bastion” – Read More
High grade shelter – North Face Tents
Bivouac (Bivy) sack / shelter – Read More
Improvised shelter – Bivouac Bivy Sack
Communications on Everest:
When the British first started surveying Everest around 1920 they ran miles of telegraph cable to keep the lines of communications open to London. There are still remnants of this system in place. Today there is satellite communications in the form of hand held phones and even 3G telecom connections to base camp. You can access WiFi on the base of Mount Everest. “Mount Everest gets 3G Mobile Network” (Source Guardian) – Read More

Books on Everest Focusing on Mallory and Irvine:
Into the Silence by Wade Davis
Fearless on Everest by Julie Summers
The Third Pole by Mark Synnott
Mount Everest The Reconnaissance by Howard-Bury Charles
The Wildest Dream by Peter Gillman
The Assault on Mount Everest by C G Bruce
The Fight for Everest
After Everest by T Howard Somervell
Climbing Everest by George Leigh Mallory
Mystery of Mallory and Irvine by Tom Holzel
Everest Revealed by Christopher Norton
Everest A Mountaineering History by Walt Unsworth
Ghosts of Everest by Jochen Hemmleb
Detectives on Everest by Jochen Hemmleb
The Lost Explorer by Conrad Anker
Mountain Climbing Books in the Public Domain:
“Mount Everest, the Reconnaissance, 1921” – Read More
“Climbing on the Himalaya …” – Read More
“Mountain Craft” – Read More
Climbing Mount Everest Summary:
You have to admire the perseverance, courage, and hard work of the British in summiting Mount Everest in the 1920s. At the time, they had achieved the highest climb of anyone in the world (27,300 ft). The 1924 expedition was also an enormous endeavor in logistics. No roads as we know them today. No GPS. No aerial recognizance. No specialize gear other that wool, silk, linen and gabardine fabrics. Boots were leather and the ropes had a fraction of the tensile strength of today’s synthetic climbing ropes. They were pioneering everything from supply chain (Yaks), clothing and gear as well as the use of oxygen. They ran miles of telegraph cable to keep the primary means of communication open. That being the telegraph at the time. It was an amazing endeavor. And there is still the mystery as to Andrew Irvine’s whereabouts. Did he and Mallory reach the top? Did they take pictures? Andrew had a Kodak camera on him. Is the camera with Andrew? This is the Mount Everest Ultimate Climb Guide – Facts and Fascinations – From George Mallory and Andrew (Sandy) Irvine in 1924 to modern day mountain climbing.