Mount Everest, The Reconnaissance, 1921

Title: “Mount Everest, The Reconnaissance, 1921”
By Lieut. Col. G. K. HOWARD-BURY, D.S.O. And other members of the Mount Everest Expedition

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The Mount Everest Committee of the Royal Geographical Society and the Alpine Club desire to express their thanks to Colonel Howard-Bury, Mr. Wollaston, Mr. Mallory, Major Morshead, Major Wheeler and Dr. Heron for the trouble they have taken to write so soon after their return an account of their several parts in the joint work of the Expedition.

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Mount Everest 1921 Reconnaissance The Northern Approach

Mount Everest 1921 Reconnaissance – Northern Approach

Central Asian blackbird
Solitary thrush
White-breasted Asiatic dipper
Indian stone-chat
Bush chat
White-capped redstart
Hodgson’s grandala
Tickell’s willow-warbler
Smoky willow-warbler
Spotted bush-warbler
Prince Henry’s laughing thrush

Mount Everest – The Reconnaissance, 1921 – The mission had a multi-faceted purpose in addition to climbing the mountain. They surveyed the land, laid communications (Telegraph), collected mammals, plants, and geological specimens. Above is just a partial list (Birds) of what they collected.